Miller Shadow Fixed Beam Anchor 8815-12

Miller Shadow Fixed Beam Anchor 8815-12

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The Miller Shadow fixed beam anchor connects to I and H beam flanges ranging from 4 in. to 12 in. wide and up to 2-1/2 in. thick. Our at height welding customers like that this anchor slides along the beam with relative ease so you can work in different spots. The Shadow is made with an aluminum foot end, stainless steel support shaft and retractable plunger, and a plated forged steel D-ring attachment. Miller by Honeywell made the 8815-12 and all their beam anchors to be both extremely durable and lightweight.

Key Features:

  • Steel D-ring on side
  • Aluminum foot ends that slide along beam
  • Steel support shaft and plunger
  • Steel hardware
  • Fits flange sizes 4 in. to 12 in.

Total Weight: 7.3 lbs.