3M™ Nose Cup Assembly

3M™ Nose Cup Assembly

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3M™ Nose Cup Assembly 6894/37004(AAD) is a replacement part for 3M™ Full Facepieces 6700, 6800, 6900 (07138, 07139, 07140 AAD).

3M™ 6894 Nose Cup Assembly consists of a nose cup and inhalation valves. It is designed to be install onto the centre port adapter of the 3M™ 6000 Series Full Facepiece and comfortably fit over the respirator wearer’s nose and mouth to aid in purging exhaled breath and prevent lens fogging. 

  • Compatible with 3M™ Full Facepieces 6700, 6800, 6900
  • Creates a comfortable fit over the wearer's nose and mouth
  • Purges exhaled breath and prevents lens fogging

Suggested Applications

  • For use with the 3M™ Half Facepiece Respirators 6700, 6800, 6900 (07138, 07139, 07140 ADD) Series.